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Alexandra Miller, MSW/LSW

Forensic Social Worker & Mitigation Specialist 
Owner, Bird Cage Forensic Social Work, Inc.
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Main Office: 720-383-0754
Direct Phone/Text: XXX

Service Focus:​

  • Mitigation Work


Alex's CV /  Resume

Alex graduated magna cum laude, from University of Colorado, Colorado Springs, in 2014 with a bachelor's degree in Sociology and a minor in Women's & Ethnic Studies. She then attended Metropolitan State University and graduated in 2017 magna cum laude, earning a Masters of Social Work. Further, Alex is certified in Applied Behavior Analysis Therapy (2017) and became a Licensed Social Worker (LSW) in 2020.
Alex began working in forensic social work in 2016 when she began a year-long internship at the Jefferson County Public Defender's Office as a Juvenile Social Work Intern. In 2018, Alex started contracting as a Forensic Social Worker (FSW) with the Office of Alternate Defense Counsel (OADC). In 2019, she established her business Bird Cage Forensic Social Work Inc., and began working on private criminal defense teams.

Alex is passionate about fighting to share the stories of juveniles and young adults trapped in the criminal justice system, especially those of color or those who belong to marginalized communities. She has worked a range of case types, including homicide.

If Alex is not passionately working, she enjoys spending meaningful time with her family and friends.


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