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Susana Thompson

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Spanish Interpreter, Investigator
Owner: Near Native Translations, LLC
Main Office: 720-383-0754 x4
Direct Phone/Text: 719-422-9944

​Service Foci: 

  • Translation Services (Spanish)

  • Investigation Services

Susan's Resume/CV

Susan is the owner of Near Native Translations, LLC. Susan's first language is Spanish, however after moving to America as a child, she quickly became bilingual in both Spanish and English. Suzanne has worked in the criminal justice system (both legal and criminal) for approximately 15 years and has a strong background in court documents and court procedures. Suzanne prides herself on versatility of translating both complex technical and informal language, depending on the needs of her clients. Susan also has a deep understanding of both the Spanish and American cultures which ensures she can provide the best translation services possible and all participants leave with clarity. Susan has excellent interpersonal skills and is sensitive to clients who present with differing beliefs, backgrounds, values, ethnicities, and social backgrounds. Suzanne is experienced in de-escalating emotionally charged situations, manage multiple priorities, and prides herself on top notch documentation. 

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